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Zivira believes that ‘BEAUTIFUL BEGINS UNDERNEATH,’ and has created the finest line of bras known for their comfort and care for women.

Explore the world of brilliant lingerie at your fingertips. Zivira explores ways to make lingerie more fashionable for women of all sizes. We have made it our mission to secure you in the comfiest fabric, poke-free underwires, and flexible elastics of all time. Whatever be the purpose, the quest for finding the perfect lingerie is an ongoing process for most women, and our lingerie collection.

prides itself on having something for everyone. We aim at transforming how India shops for lingerie mindful and hassle-free. Today Zivira India’s lingerie legacy exclusively lives on through a vast and vibrant product collection of bras, panties, loungewear, sportswear, sleepwear, shapewear. and accessories.

Zivira was established in 2017. In a time of such great change our aim was simple – to create a product for women to make them feel confident, beautiful, and womanly while still maintaining comfort.

We launched with the aim of providing women with comfortable, fashionable, and pocket-friendly lingerie essentials. Made with the same level of expertise as every Zivira Products, our product  has unique features to help turn your regular day into a remarkable one.

Zivira embraces changes. The brand believes lingerie should adapt to her every situation and role. Every innovation we create is designed to give women freedom and flexibility with their lingerie so they can ‘Dare to Be ’ their best selves.

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