How it empowers women in 2022

How it empowers women in 2022

Lingerie has been misappropriated for years as simply a vehicle for intimate desire, now it’s time women reclaimed that message.

The right undergarments can have an effect on your body language, your mood, your confidence and your self esteem. Most people shun lingerie because they think it’s uncomfortable, they don’t feel they have anyone to wear it for, or they’re too self-conscious to try it. These days, brands are making lingerie in all shapes and sizes and from a wide variety of materials, so you’re bound to find a set that feels easy to wear all day – even if you’re the only one who sees it. For brands that put fit first, look to Zivira for seriously comfortable designs that look incredible to boot.

A piece of exquisite lingerie, made from delicate materials and with careful craftsmanship, is a beautiful thing: wearing it is a sensual experience in itself. Think of lingerie as a way to treat yourself, to explore your own personality, and get comfortable with your body without the interference of anyone else. And if you feel good enough to show it off, so much the better.

Nowadays, lingerie has become a vast world of more than just bras and panties, but of corsets and teddies and bustiers and stockings and garters and slips and robes and the list goes on. There’s intricate laces, sparkling gems, beautifully placed ruffles, cute ribbons, and many more embellishments on these undergarment pieces that help create remarkably sexy lingerie that should allow it to be discussed in the same way we discuss the latest fashion trends and beauty products.

We all know that women have multiple facets of personalities and emotions and lingerie lets us express all of that when we don’t want to project them to the outside world. Perhaps sometimes we are feeling romantic and dreamy and that’s when we can pull out the pink and ruffle-detailed bra and satin panties.

Lingerie can be used as a refuge for who you are on the inside, as it allows you to express who you really are no matter what brand or style of clothing you are wearing on top. 

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