How Zivira is working towards breaking lingerie taboos

How Zivira is working towards breaking lingerie taboos

We may come from different backgrounds, class, religions and regions. We may agree to disagree on everything from veganism to sexuality. But there is one thing I believe unites all women, from all around the world and the words are probably on your lips even before I can say it. That is the incredible feeling of unhooking your bra, sliding it off your skin and into the laundry bin after a long, long day of work, play or leisure.We all like the secure feeling of a bra in public. There is a certain feeling of self-confidence and satisfaction you get from a pretty, well-fitted bra. 

There is so much discomfort associated with lingerie as a category even today, lingerie shopping in India has typically been something nobody talks about. The ‘one size, one style – fits all’ necessary purchases were usually found at the local market shop, and bundled into a discreet brown paper bag. But Zivira is here to shake things up and turn things around 

We Believe that no matter what size a woman is, or what income group the woman shopping is from, we want to make sure she will get a quality product that fits perfectly . We strive to work towards building a company who are trying to make women more confident. Our analogue offering is more diverse than what you’ll find in stores, so point your digital compass there and don’t miss our web exclusives; they sell out lightning fast.

Zivira believes that what you wear on the inside is as important as what you wear on the outside. We believe that the right lingerie can bring out your inner Naomi Campbell or Cindy Crawford or just make you feel a lot better about your appearance. Involving something a bit more bold, fashionable and yes, sexy. From gorgeous to elegant, sexy to girly, we have answers for all the needs that women seem to have in regards to lingerie.

“ Life is too short to wear boring clothes. Now unhook the boring with the effervescence of fashion at Zivira ”

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