Is sports bra size the same as regular bra size?

Is sports bra size the same as regular bra size?

Yes. Sports bra sizes are nearly interchangeable with regular bra sizes. They are available in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes, whereas regular bra sizes are determined by band and cup size.

A sports bra, as opposed to a regular bra, will be tighter to minimise breast movement. They also press the breasts against the chest wall. A sports bra’s primary function is to keep your breasts from moving or wiggling while you’re running, jumping, or jogging. A sports bra’s primary function is to provide support, wick away sweat, and minimise movement. A well-fitting sports bra should be tighter than a regular bra but still comfortable.

A regular bra, on the other hand, serves a different purpose. It improves the shape of your breasts and adds oomph and cleavage. A regular bra’s main purpose is to provide comfort, style, and support under any type of clothing.

How to Measure Sports Bra Size?

Step 1: Bust size – Measurement around your bust at its widest point.

Step 2: Under-band size –   Take a tape measure around the rib cage under the bust without any gaps.

Here’s a Quick Guide to Choose Sports Bra According to the Activity/Cup Size

ActivityCup SizeStyleSupportDescription
Walking, Yoga,
Meditation, Strength Building Exercises
A/B/C/DCompression BraLow SupportNarrow straps and bands
with or without adjustments will work
Hiking, Skiing, Cycling
A/BEncapsulationLow to Medium SupportWider bands and straps
C/DEncapsulation and CompressionMedium SupportAdjustable bands and straps for proper fit
Running, Jogging, Biking, High-Intensity workout
EncapsulationMedium to High SupportHolds each breast separately to reduce bounce and side movements
D and LargerEncapsulation and CompressionHigh SupportIndividual breasts are supported while compressed against the chest wall

So, what next?

After you choose the right sports bra style, you need to ensure it fits correctly.

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Sports Bra Fitting Check List.

1. Does the band fit properly?
>More support is provided by a wider band. Closures with hooks or zips provide flexibility and comfort.

2.Does the strap fit properly?
>Straps should not pierce your skin. Wider straps distribute weight and are frequently more comfortable than narrower straps.

3.Does the cup fit properly?
>Your breasts should be centred and fill the cups. The fabric should be free of wrinkles and gaps.

4.Check the fit.
>Simply run/jump without too much up/down or side-to-side movement.

You are now completely prepared!

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